Video Gallery

Green Automation in Action – Introduction to Green Automation Group and a virtual tour of our growing system.

Baby leaf growing system – A hands free approach from medium filling to harvesting.

Making fresh, sustainable and locally grown leafy greens the new normal. Efficient, Sustainable and Proven system. Learn more here.

Growing systems from Green Automation – Sustainable indoor growing made profitable

Invented in Finland – Growing Everywhere

Automated Green Automation growing system for herbs and  head lettuces.

More Green Automation videos online

Green Automation growing system producing a lot of lettuce in Massachusetts.

Lef farms producing fresh, local and safe lettuce year round in Louden, N.H.

Free! leafy greens – Hands-free cultivation in Hudson, Ohio

Free! Leafy Greens – handsfree cultivation with Green Automation in Hudson, Ohio.

Automated seeding at Free! Leafy Greens in Hudson, Ohio.

Free! Leafy Greens growing efficiently, pesticide-free and hands-free with Green Automation’s growing system.