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Greenhouse growers have a crucial role in making fresh produce available year-round. In order to meet the growing demand for fresh, clean, safe and locally grown produce, leafy greens producers are looking for more sustainable and profitable growing methods. When producing lettuces and herbs, traditional greenhouse operations simply can’t compete with the efficiency and constant high yields of an automated growing system. This is where Green Automation comes in.

In short — What we do

Green Automation Group designs, develops, manufactures and markets fully automated NFT growing systems for hydroponic leafy greens production. In the ‘80s, we started supplying the Finnish greenhouse industry with automated greenhouse technology. Today, we are delivering our highly efficient systems to greenhouse growers around the globe, continuously improving and constantly looking for ways to further optimize your growing business.

Our systems include medium filling, seeding lines, germination lines, growing lines, irrigation and fertigation systems, conveyors, automated harvesting, washers, and packing lines.

Our Story

Founded by seasoned experts on a mission to remove inefficiencies and to advance greenhouse production, Green Automation was born to disrupt. Instead of simply automating processes, we re-engineered them—achieving unmatched efficiency in the greenhouse. Our engineers continuously develop the growing systems based on greenhouse growers’ needs and ambitions. We strive to be a thought leader in the sustainable and profitable future of controlled environment agriculture. With innovative technology and intelligent automation, we deliver proven and reliable growing systems for commercial greenhouse growers around the world.

At Green Automation we are committed to making fresh, sustainable and locally grown leafy greens the new normal. Our team is passionate about efficiency and leafy greens. Delivering growing systems is only one part of our job. Cultivating results and nurturing success for our clients is the other. We dare growers to dream big and achieve even more. You have your goal. Now you need a strategic location, an efficient growing system and room to grow.

AI — Informed and Efficient Growing

Large developments are being done within the area of AI, collecting and analyzing data to get an even deeper understanding of the different components and the impact the variables have on the plants’ growth, taste and nutritional value. This advanced knowledge helps the grower make more informed decisions and can also help Green Automation revolutionize the indoor growing industry even further. The data is right there. It can easily be collected. The challenge is how to process the data and turn it into meaningful facts.

Data Acquisition — Being in the Know

We’ve got data. – Today, we are working on collecting more accurate data—more accurate production, irrigation, environmental data as well as specific system alarms and events data. This data acquisition is a continuous process and is developing further as we continue to make the system increasingly efficient and every step in the growing cycle more effective.

Our Vision

is making fresh, sustainable and locally grown leafy
greens the new normal.

Our Mission

is to develop and provide the most efficient leafy greens growing systems which…

OWNERS view as a key success factor to their business,
GROWERS are enthusiastic about,
INVESTORS seek for long term returns,
GREENHOUSE BUILDERS recommend to their clients and
EMPLOYEES are proud of.

Our values
are reflected
in everything we do.

Customer in Focus

Customer success is our success. We pave the way for customers to reach their goals with perfect-fit technological solutions.

Curiosity-fueled Innovation

What makes good become great? We believe curiosity can be that little extra spark of motivation—a drive to learn more and dig deeper into new ideas and solutions.


We take responsibility and act accountably. At every encounter, we treat each other—colleagues, clients, stakeholders, partners, everyone—in a fair and inclusive way.

Responsible Technology Leadership

Green Automation was born from unique resource-saving innovations and passion for industry transformation. That is still our guiding star.

Success, together

We succeed and grow together. We want to embrace our focus on customers, create long-term relationships built on true teamwork. If we stumble a bit, we learn together.

The Team that Makes Indoor Farming Sustainable and Profitable

Expertise in and experience with the field of industrial automation, in combination with in-depth knowledge of Controlled Environment Agriculture, creates a strong partner in sustainable and profitable growing of leafy greens.

Green Automation Finland team
Green Automation Americas team
Green Automation Americas team

The Management Team

Expertise in and experience with the field of industrial automation, in combination with in-depth knowledge of Controlled Environment Agriculture, creates a strong partner in sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Tero Laakso

Green Automation Group Oy

Tero Laakso is the CEO and operational driving force behind the organization. Laakso has a thorough knowledge of hydroponic growing systems combined with understanding the operative facts of implementing such a system for utter customer benefit. Tero Laakso met Tero Rapila and Juhana Kantola already while working for the same industrial automation company. He joined them at Green Automation in 2006, and their collaborations quickly yielded results, and the growing systems were not only developed but also manufactured and delivered.

Patrik Borenius

Green Automation Americas

Patrik joined Green Automation in 2016 and manages Green Automation operations in the Americas. Borenius brings extensive experience with marketing European technologies and products in the North American market, as well as with managing projects reaching across continents to Green Automation. He has deep knowledge about Hydroponic Lettuce Growing Systems and their full yield potentials and has been involved in the development of facilities which are today achieving the highest yields, particularly regarding cut baby leaf lettuce. Borenius is a true world citizen, born to Finnish parents in Germany and has resided in the US since 2004.

Juhana Kantola

Green Automation Group Oy

Kantola is the brain power behind the system’s hardware and software capabilities. The initial seeds of Green Automation sprouted when Kantola met Tero Rapila when they were both working on designing automation systems in the same company. Together, Kantola and Rapila developed a fully-automated growing system for lettuce production. The two co-founded Green Automation in 2002 and have since continued to optimize and customize the system to meet market and client demands.

Headquartered in Finland, but Active Around the World

The Green Automation Group’s headquarters are located in Koski TL, Finland.

The Green Automation growing systems are designed, developed and pre-assembled in Finland and then shipped to growing operations around the world.
The majority of parts for each growing system are manufactured by Finnish suppliers

Certain items, such as the extruded growing gutters and basic steel and aluminum parts, are typically shipped directly from the factory to the client site. Most items, from tanks to electrical cabinets, and all more complex automation machinery are assembled and tested by Green Automation staff. We have the ability to adjust for each project to the perfect project-specific compromise between pre-assembly and shipping volume/cost. Items too large for a container, such as turntables, are completely assembled, tested and then disassembled for transportation in the assembly and logistical center.

The Koski TL location also serves a key role as a buffer to ensure our ability to tailor deliveries to the specific project progress. We have the ability to store product-specific items indoors and outdoors as well as in SOC Containers and dispatch in very short order. Furthermore, we can dispatch product both in SOC and in COC Containers to maximize flexibility for customers at their site

Green Automation Headquarters, Koski TL, Finland

Green Automation Americas, Florida, USA

Green Automation Group, assembly and logistics

Green Automation Group, assembly and logistics

Green Automation Group, assembly and logistics

Green Automation Group, assembly and logistics

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