Green Automation Group develops and manufactures greenhouse automation systems for use throughout the world. Based in Finland, Green Automation has decades of experience with hydroponically grown vegetables and herbs – from both greenhouse farming and engineering greenhouse automation. Main produce are gutter filling and seeding lines, germination lines, growing lines, fertigation systems, conveyors, washers and automatic harvesting and packing lines. Globally, Green Automation has over 30 years of experience and collaboration with growers covering over 300 000 square meters (2.1 million square feet). Extensive resources are available to guide customers through the entire production process from initial planning and layout to harvest.

Our Story

Expertize and know-how of Green Automation Export started from the Finnish salad industry in the mid ’80s. Close cooperation with the farming industry combined with world-class engineering technology have provided us with an immense knowledge base and practical experience that enables us to research and develop exceptional automated greenhouse technology.

International markets have been our company target from the mid 90’s, but true export started in 2010 when Green Automation Export was founded to manufacture and sell high-end greenhouse automation equipment outside Finland, Baltic and Nordic Countries.

Green Automation Group still benefits from the salad-industry expertize – part of our shareholders represent the heritage of the biggest salad farming company in Finland. We’re proud of this heritage and we are sure that this background combined with our state of the art technology expertize will carry us – and your needs for greenhouse automation – even further.