Green Automation Dashboard

The acquired data does not give you any advantages unless it can be processed, visualized and interpreted easily and acted upon.

Cyclically processed data (hourly and daily) is available in the database and can be accessed through a standardized application programming interface (API). The collected data can either be integrated into your own system or accessed through the Green Automation Dashboard. Our Dashboard is a simple turnkey product which provides the user with easy access to the acquired data. The Green Automation Dashboard creates informative charts from the data and provides detailed reports significant for your specific operations. In short, the Green Automation Dashboard gives you the knowledge required to make informed decisions. In the future, as more data is acquired, the system will have the ability to learn and take action if desired by the operator.

In a greenhouse with 25,000 growing gutters per hectare, the system will keep track of and analyze the growth progress and yield of each single gutter. It knows the exact location of the gutter at any given time and is able to report growing conditions and their effect on the resulting yield, allowing the grower to compare, control and adjust variables to further increase yield and productivity numbers.

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