Our growing systems

With strong roots in industrial automation, Green Automation is redefining how leafy greens are produced. Green Automation has introduced two growing systems: One optimized for cut baby leaf production and one for living lettuce (head lettuce) production. The growing systems are highly automated and developed for commercial hydroponic lettuce and herb production for greenhouse operations of 1 acre/0.4 hectares and above. The growing systems are designed to achieve the highest efficiency in the greenhouse, making it possible to complete the entire growing cycle without the touch of a human hand.

The Green Automation systems include a range of patented innovations. Our open gutter system, allowing for continuous seeding and eliminating transplanting needs, is one example of how we are re-engineering growing processes. By re-engineering processes and controlling relevant variables with precision, we are creating a reliable, stable and predictable production of leafy greens.

Our work does not end with an installed growing system. The Green Automation team offers continued support to our clients through the Green Automation Customer Portal.

Cyclically processed data can supply the grower and the operation managers a solid basis to make informed decisions through a standardized API interface such as the Green Automation Dashboard.

Baby Leaf Lettuce

A fully automated system for the cleanest, safest and freshest baby greens

The fully automated growing system is optimized for growing baby leaf lettuce, herbs and small head lettuces, that are to be sold cut. From substrate filling and sowing to harvesting and mixing, the plants are not touched by any human hands.

Living Lettuce

An automated system for the cleanest, safest and freshest head lettuces.

The automated growing system is optimized for growing head lettuces and herbs that are sold with their root ball (living lettuce) as cut head lettuce or in a pot.