6% more gutters in growing system thanks to Germination Towers


Germination Tower

Hortidaily, June 12, 2023

Green Automation has started the manufacturing of the Green Automation Germination Towers. The Green Automation Germination Tower is the latest product designed and engineered to further boost the productivity of our growing system. The product will be introduced at GreenTech Amsterdam.

“During the short germination phase, when the plants need neither space nor light, we decided to move the seeded gutters into a vertical germination chamber. Within the insulating walls, a perfect temperature/humidity-controlled germination environment can be created. Our gutters will automatically be transferred from the seeding line directly into the germination towers via conveyor belts and a series of lifts. After the 1-2 days of germination, the gutters are automatically moved and placed on the growing line for their continued journey through the greenhouse toward harvesting”, Tero Laakso with Green Automation shares.

He calculates the added capacity of the towers will allow for approximately 6% more gutters in the overall growing system, which naturally will increase yields. “Additional yield improvements are expected as a consequence of improved germination conditions. Furthermore, incorporating the towers into the growing cycle adds flexibility to the growing process as the towers will also hold a buffering function, allowing for a new precision seeding system.”

The buffering function of the germination towers allows for the introduction of a new precision sowing system: Multiple gutters are sown at the same time at slower and thus more accurate speeds, ensuring that every seed reaches its destination.

The Green Automation team at the GreenTech 2023

The Germination Towers and the precision seeding systems are now being manufactured and will be in operation in 2024. These features are offered as an option. Green Automation is expecting to deliver systems both with and without these features based on customer needs and CapEx considerations.

The Green Automation Team will be at booth 02.423, where they will also share information on their patented growing gutters, which can now be delivered with RFID, and their Enhanced Data Access Services.