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How to make fresh, safe, sustainable and locally grown leafy greens the new norm

Hortidaily, October 22, 2020

Green Automation is driving the transformation toward a sustainable and resilient supply of leafy greens. The goal for leafy greens operators in North America is to reach a production costs level that allows for disruption and ultimately substitution of the field lettuce business, the same way we have seen the market develop in northern Europe. 

An efficient growing system will play a significant role in achieving this disruption. When maximizing yield, efficiency and economies of scale are imperative to the success at any location, but the more challenging the climate, the more essential it is to maximize the production efficiency. Reaching 100Kg/m2 or 20 Ibs/Sqft has been a target for growers around the world. The Green Automation NFT growing system is achieving this with head-lettuce and teen leaf. We are on the final home stretch to reaching the 100Kg/m2 magical number with baby leaf lettuce as well. With the right greenhouse, growing system, and business model, greenhouse operators will very soon reach this target. 

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