Tartu, Estonia

The "Finnish Lettuce Model" is being applied more around the world

Hortidaily, October 8, 2020

Due to long, dark and cold winters and short summers the Finnish greenhouse growers have had to operate very effectively in order to be competitive with the imported field grown lettuce, always striving to optimize and make their operation cost efficient. The business model that has proven to be successful for the Finnish greenhouse operators is based on three significant factors: High-tech equipment (automated growing systems), strategic location (close to distribution centers and access to low cost or renewable forms of energy) and size of operation (economies of scale size).  Green Automation is pleased to see the "Finnish Lettuce Model" continue to be executed in the Nordic and Baltic home markets, and are delighted to see this concept be applied more and more across North America and the world. The change toward highly efficient greenhouse production of leafy greens happens when it is economically viable, to a price that is sustainable and with a much better product compared to the status quo lettuce from the field.

And change is happening. The recent investments and increased activities in the North American CEA market is very promising for the much-needed transformation of the fresh produce and especially leafy greens industry. Green Automation is anticipating the leafy greens production to follow a similar development curve as the greenhouse tomato production in North America, which has increased tremendously over the last 20 year.

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